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684.Room Service,may help you?送餐服务,有什么可以帮您? 685.Would you please bring me some breakfast?请为我送来一份早餐,好吗? 686.At what time would you like your breakfast?您希望什么时候把您的早餐送来? 687.A Continental breakfast or American breakfast?是要欧式早餐还是美式早餐? 688.With coffee or tea?需要咖啡还是茶? 689.For how many people,please?请问要几个人的送餐? 690.I will bring it up right away. 我马上把它送上来。

691.Good morning,here is the Continental breakfast you ordered.早上好,这是您点的欧式早餐。

692.Would you like to have something else besides the Continental breakfast?除了欧式早餐,你还想要点别的吗? 693.Would you please sign the bill?请您在帐单上签名好吗? 694.Thank you,enjoy your breakfast please,good-bye. 谢谢,请慢用,再见。

695.It won’t take long to prepare for your breakfast. 您的早餐不会用太长时间准备。

696.It will take 20minutes to prepare for your lunch.您的午餐需要20分钟时间准备。

697.I would like some lunch now.我想现在进午餐。

698.It is Room Service here. 这是送餐服务。

699.Shall I pour you some coffee now?我可以为您倒一杯咖啡吗? 700.Your food and drinks will be sent up in a few minutes.您要的食品和饮料过几分钟就会送上去。

701.It will be up right away.马上送上去。

702.I will send someone up with your breakfast immediately.我马上叫人把您的早餐送上来。

703.Our Room Service starts serving at 7 0’clock.送餐服务从7点开始。

704.I am sorry,we don’t start serving lunch until 11am.对不起,我们要上午11点菜开始提供午餐服务。

705.Is there anything else that you want?您是不是还要点别的什么? 706.The room service menu is on the back of the door/

707.It’s my wife’s birthday today,I’d like to order a cake.今天是我太太的生日,我想订一个蛋糕。

708.We have different sizes,7inches,9 inches and 11 inches,which do you prefer?我们有不同尺寸的蛋糕,有7英寸的,9英寸的和11英寸的,你想要那一种? 709.When shall I send the cake to your room?什么时候给您送进房间? 710.Can I have my breakfast brought to the room?我可以在房间用早餐吗? 711.Of course。

What would you like to have?当然可以,您想吃些什么? 712.Some porridge,some fried eggs and some toast with jam and butter. 一些麦片粥,一份煎鸡蛋,一份烤面包和一些果酱、黄油。

713.How many eggs and how would you like them done?您要几个鸡蛋?几成熟? 714.What do you want to drink,tea or coffee?您想喝点什么?茶还是咖啡? 715.Could you bring me a glass of milk and a boiled egg?你能给我拿一杯牛奶和一个煮鸡蛋吗? 716.Do 有want to pay cash or sign the bill?您想付现金还是在帐单上签字? 717.Please sign your name and room number on the bill.请您把您的姓名和房号签在帐单上。



酒店常用英语100句问候英语1) Good morning (afternoon ,evening),sir (madam).早上好(下午、晚上好),好,先生(夫人)2) How do you do? (-- how do you do ?)!3) Hello (or hi )!!4) How is everything (with you )?(您的)一切都好吗?5) How are you getting on ( or along ) these days ?这几天过得怎么样?6) How are you ? (- Fine ,thank you .and you? )您的身体好吗?7) Glad (nice ) to see you .见到您。

8) Welcome to our hotel.欢迎到我们的酒店来!9) It’s nice to meet you again , Mr. Johnson .再次见到您太好了,约翰逊先生。

10) Good –bye.(or bye-bye)再见!11) Good night.晚安(晚间告别用)12) Have a good rest.祝您休息好!13) See you later (tomorrow).以后(明天)见!14) Hope to see you again soon.希望不久再见到您!15) Have a good time.祝您过得愉快!16) We wish you a pleasant stay in our hotel.愿您在我们饭店过得愉快Offering Help 主动提出帮助   17、May I help you ?   18、Can I help you?   我能帮你吗?   19、What can I do for you ?   我能为你作什么?   20、 May I take your ba for you?   我可以为你拿你的手提包吗?   21、 May I help you with your suitcase?   我能帮你拿你的箱子吗? 22、 Would you like me to call a taxi for you ?   你需要我为你叫一辆出租车吗? 对提出帮助的回答23、 Thank you very much.   非常感谢   24、 Thanks for the trouble 。

  麻烦你了   25、 It‘svry kind of you?   你真是太好了   26、 No,thanks.   不用了,谢谢!  Answers to Thanks对感谢语的应答 27、 You‘re welcome. 欢迎你 28、 Not at all. 不用谢   29、 That‘s all right. 没关系 30、 Don‘t mention it.   别提了   31、 It‘s my plcasurc. 这是我的荣幸   Expressing welcome 表示欢迎   32、 Welcome ,sir(madam)。

  欢迎光临,先生(小姐)   33、 Welcome to our hotel ,sir (madam)。

  欢迎光临我们酒店,先生(小姐)   34、 Welcome to our western restaurant.   欢迎来我们西餐厅   35、We‘re glad to have you here.   我们你来到之儿36、I‘m always at your service ,sir (madam)。


Apologies 表示道歉37、I‘m sorry,sir (madam)。


38、I‘m very sorry.非常抱歉。

39、I‘m sorry to trouble you.对不起打扰你了。

40、I‘m sorry to have taken so much of your time.对不起占用你太多时间了。

41、I‘m sorry to have kept you waiting 。


42、Excuse me for interrupeing you.原谅我打挠你了。

43、I hope you‘ll forgive me.我希望你能原谅我。

44、It doesn‘t matter.没关系。

45、It‘s nothing.没什么。

46、Never mind. 别放在心上。

47、That‘s nothing.没什么。

48、Don‘t bother about that.别再想它。

49、Don‘t worry about it.别担心。

50、Don‘t apologize, It was my fault.别道歉,这是我的错。

Good wishes(良好祝愿)51、Have a good time! 祝你们玩得愉快! 52、Have a nice evening!   祝你晚上愉快。

  53、Happy Birthday!   生日快乐。

  54、Merry Christmas!   圣诞快乐。

  55、May you succeed   祝你成功 Parting(分手再见) 56、 Good-bye and good luck.再见,祝你好运。

57、Hope you‘ll have a nice trip. 希望你旅途愉快。

58、Wish you a pleasant journey 。


  59、Happy landing. 祝你安全抵达。

  60、Bon voyage. 一帆风顺。

  61、Hope to see you again.   希望再次见到你。

  62、Good night. 晚安。

  63、See you Tomorrow.   明天见。

Self-Introduction (自我介绍)   64、I‘m henry ,I’m from Golden Lake Hotel, I‘m   here to meet you 。


  65、My name is Irene ,I‘m the housekeeping   Department waiter.   我的名字是艾琳,我是管家部服务员。

  66、I‘m the receptionist here ,welcome to our hotel.   我是这儿的接待员,欢迎来到我们酒店。

  67、Reservations ,May I help you ?   预订部,我能帮你吗?   68、Room service ,May I come in ?   送餐服务,我可以进来吗?   69、This is Henry Adams speaking.   我是享利。


Affirmative Responses (肯定回答)  70、Surely. 当然可以。

71、Certainly ,sir (madam)。




  73、That‘s true ,sir (madam)。


  74、Very well. 非常好。

Negative Responses(否定回答)  75、No ,sir (madam)。


  76、I don‘t think so.   我不这样认为。

  77、Of course not.   当然不。

  78、I‘m afraid that’s not a good idea.   恐怕,那个主意不好。

Useful Questions 常用问句  79、What do you prefer ,tea or coffee?   你喜欢什么?茶还是咖啡。

  80、Woulld your please sign here ?   请在这儿签名好吗?   81、A table for two?   两人的一张台吗?   82 、How long do you plan to stay ?   你计划住多久。

  83、Could you please spell your name ?   请拼一下你的名字吗?   84、What kind of room would you like ?   你要哪类房间? 85、May I see your passport ?   我可以看你的护照吗?   86、May I have your tetephone number ?   我可以知道你的电话号码吗?   87、What‘s the trouble, sir?   你怎么啦?先生。

  88、Shall I call a doctor for you ?   我为你叫一个医生吗?   89、Dir you eyoy the play?   你喜欢这个节目吗?   90、Do you like this song?   你喜欢这首歌吗? Useful expressions 惯用表达语   91、Enjoy you breakfast ,sir ?   请享用你的早餐,先生。

  92、Here is the menu.   给你菜谱。

  93、The service guide is on the desk.   服务指南在桌面上。

  94、The swimming pool is over there 。


  95、Go ahead ,please.   请接着讲。

 96、The line is busy 。


  97、You look grest 。


  98、Please consult the song list 。


  99、It‘s a very touching story.   这是一个非常感人的故事。

  100、Without music,the world would be dull.   如果没有音乐,这世界将会变得很沉闷。


【 #英语口语# 导语】随着英语在全球范围的传播,它逐渐成为一种世界语言,这其中,某些地理、历史以及社会文化因素对它最初的传播有着重大的影响。

以下是由 考 网整理了有关餐厅点餐的英语口语对话,欢迎阅读! 【篇一】有关餐厅点餐的英语口语对话   Ordering Western Food 点西餐   What can I get you to drink?   我给您二位拿些什么饮料呢?   I'
d like a martini, please.   我要一杯马丁尼鸡尾酒。

  Are you ready to order?   想好点什么菜了吗?   I'
d like the leg of lamb.   我要小羊腿。

  Okay,vegetables are peas and carrots, broccoli, cornor string beans.   可供选择的蔬菜有豌豆和胡萝卜、花椰菜、玉米或菜豆。

d like the char broiled steak.   我要炭火烤的牛排。

  Oh,and French dressing on the salad, please.   色拉上用法式色拉酱。

  What soup would you like to have,Mr and Mrs Green?   格林先生,格林太太,您要什么汤?   I think we'
ll have country soup this evening.   今晚我们喝乡下浓汤吧。

  How about a fish casserole for each?   每人来份鱼锅子怎么样?   I'
ll have fried sole.   我吃炸鲽鱼吧。

  Would you like the steak well done or rare?   您喜欢牛排煎得透一点,还是略生一点?   What would you like for dessert?   要什么甜食呢?   Vanilla icecre am for all of us then.   那么我们都要香草冰淇淋。


  Would you care for something to drink?   您要点什么饮料吗?   Yes,a bottle of white wine.Dry.   好,来一瓶白葡萄酒。


【篇二】有关餐厅点餐的英语口语对话   w: How may I help you with your order?   I: Yes, I'
d like to have some salad and a hamburger please.   w: Sure. Anything to drink?   I: Water please.   w: Would you like some dessert after meal?   I: Yes, an ice cream please.   w: All right. Anything else?   I: No, that'
s all.   w: OK. I'
ll be right back with your order.   I: Thank you! 【篇三】有关餐厅点餐的英语口语对话   -Good morning,afternoon,evening, sir,madorm. A table for two?   早上好,下午好,晚上好,先生,女士,两位吗?   -Yes, by the window, please.   是的,请给我靠窗户的。

  -This way, please.   这边请。

  -Thank you.   谢谢   -Good evening, please take your seats, gentlemen. Here are the menus. Would you like to drink something first?   晚上好,请坐,先生,这里是我们的菜单。

你要先来点喝的吗?   -I'
ll have a coke cola with ice. What about you?   我想要可乐,你呢?   -A n apple juice, please.   苹果汁   -Thank you. Here we are.Coke cola with ice and apple juice . Are you ready to order now, gentlemen?   谢谢,请忙用,可乐和苹果汁。

你准备好点菜了吗?先生   -No, we are still looking at the menu. Maybe you should recommend something for the main course?   没有,我们仍然在看菜单。

你可以给我们推荐下主菜吗?   -Certainly. The T-bone steak is very good. I would suggest that you try this.   当然可以。


s a good idea. I love beef steak, I'
ll have the T-bone steak.   好主意,我喜欢吃牛扒,我就点他了。

  -How would you like it cooked?/
How would you like you steak done?   你想要你的牛扒怎么做?/
你想要你的牛扒几成熟?   -Rare ,Medium,Medium well,Well done.   三成,五成,七成,全熟   -Mushrooms and Carrots   蘑菇和胡萝卜   -And what would you like for your appetizer?   你想要什么餐前菜呢?   -I'
ll have salad and the baked salmon.   我们有沙拉和烤三文鱼。

  -Thank you, sir. What about you, sir?   谢谢,你呢先生?   -I want salad.   我要沙拉。

  -What is this ?   这是什么?   -It'
s lamb cooked with herbs and served with spaghetti.   它是羊扒,配香草和意粉   -That sounds very interesting, I'
ll try that.   听起来很不错啊!我试试   -Mashed potato, boiled potato or baked potato or pasta or rice?   你是要土豆泥,煮土豆还是烤土豆,意大利面,米饭?   -Mashed.   土豆泥   -Which sauce would you like ,we have black pepper sauce ,red wine sauce,onion sauce,vanilla sauce ,BBQ sauce,mushroom sauce?   你想要什么汁呢?我们有黑胡椒汁,红酒汁,洋葱汁,香草汁,烧汁,蘑菇汁?   -Good Evening, gentleman! Your wine list.   晚上好,这是就水单。

  -Thank you. Let'
s see what they'
re got for us.   谢谢,让我看看我们要喝什么酒?   -I can recommend this red wine, sir. It'
s very popular.   我给你们推荐一款红酒,很流行   -OK, One bottle of this wine. How about you, Jim?   好的,来一瓶。

你呢?吉姆   -Bring me some mineral water, please.   请给我一些矿泉水   -Certainly, sir   当然可以,先生。




我整理了餐厅日常英语对话,欢迎阅读!   餐厅日常英语对话篇一   A:Thanks for lunch. It was delicious. 谢谢你请的午餐。


s OK. 不客气。

  A:Next time lunch is on me. 下次的午餐我请。

t be silly. 别傻了。

m serious. 我是认真的。

  B:All right. Next time you will treat. 好的。


s a deal. 一言为定。

  餐厅日常英语对话篇二   A:Hey! That food was terrific. I can'
t eat another bite. Are you sure you don'
t want another dish? 嘿!食物很美味。


你确定你不要再来一道菜?   B:No, I'
m full. My stomach isn'
t growling at me any more. 不,我饱了。


  A:I know what you mean. I'
m so full that I can burst. Shall we go then? 我明白你的意思。


那么我们走了吗?   B:I'
m all set. Thank you for the dinner, Jack. 我吃饱了。


  A:You are welcome. 不客气。

  餐厅日常英语对话篇三   Woman: What is this? I didn'
t order that. 这是什么呀?我点的不是这个菜。

  Waiter: I'
m terribly sorry. May I have your order again? I'
ll get it right away. 实在是太抱歉了,您再讲一下您点的是什么好吗?我马上去换您的菜。

  Woman: I'
ve ordered savory pork and coleslaw. 我叫的是美味猪肉和凉拌卷心菜。

  Waiter: I'
m sorry. I must have made a mistake. I'
ll bring them for you at once. 对不起,是我的错。


  Woman: Hey! What is this? 喂,这是什么?   Waiter: Pardon me, Miss. But didn'
t you order chicken soup? 对不起,小姐。

这不是您叫的鸡汤吗?   Woman: Oh, Is that what this is? 噢,就是这个?   Waiter: I believe so. But if it really bothers you, I'
ll replace it for you. 我想是的。


  Woman: No, don'
t replace it. Give a refund. 不用换了,给我退钱吧。

  Waiter: Sorry. I'
m afraid we can'
t. But you may order something else instead. 抱歉,这恐怕不行。


  Woman: Oh, really? Give me a clam soup. 噢,真的吗?给我来个蛤蜊汤。

  Waiter: Okay, Miss. 好的,小姐。

  Woman: Thank you. 谢谢。

  Waiter: I hope you enjoy your dinner. 希望您吃的开心。